im back :)

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so, hows every body here at word-press? been gone a while, lots has happened since Aug 13”


Published August 17, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

every once in a while i find these little gems on YouTube , get your tissues ready . i love this and i hope u do too

oh lordy Jesus , i need help I’m obsessed with weddings. Please don’t tell my boyfriend.

Published June 29, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

I probably shouldn’t say but ive a bit of a obsession with wedding stuff ,  i honestly cant help my self looking at everything from the dress to the crappy favors, and themes oh jesus the themes  oooh vintage, rockabilly,country fair,farmyard barn,1950’s,1920’s,Bohemian,glam, the list could honestly go on ..

I don’t know if you’d describe me as a girly girl barbies and dolls were never my thing and its only in recent years that ive found the colour pink,Even as an adult, I don’t really care for lipstick or tan, I have  been described as a “true tomboy” (alternatively: angry feminist, lesbian, douche).( and that’s mostly by my mother)  In short, I am not the type of girl you would expect to be obsessing about weddings….Except I am! My wedding obsession isn’t something I fully understand about myself. the thing is: I know I sound crazy. This level of obsession would probably place me on an Ask Men list of 5 Girls To Avoid, a title I probably deserve ,I sit at the computer and scroll through page after page of dresses and rings and flower arrangements. Ive even signed up for the Vera Wang Wedding newsletter.(oh the shame) Things only became worse when I stumbled on all about weddings and honeymoons and discovered the crafty D.I.Y wedding plans.. Ive so many folders on my hard-drive on my computer with pictures saved of weddings im actually running out of names and my computer is going in to overdrive.

Its the flipping romantic gestures , they are my downfall… 

OK..OK don’t get me wrong tho i know the wedding is only one big day and that a marriage is at the end of it, but im as happy as a pig in shit, Ive found him , he stole my heart and im gonna steel his last name..

So maybe its ok then, yano my obsession , maybe its not that bad…. or is it???





the crazy kate cat

Published June 29, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

so one of my friends Kate recently put this cat picture up on Facebook, i cant stop looking at it and to make it worse if u listen to the song blackout by wrench 32 , ur mind is like ”ur forking with me rite?”  





now honestly listen to de song linked below and watch this cat picture…..


suffer from very low self-esteem.

Published May 28, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

I’M one of life’s victims.I try to be nice to people and I try to be helpful and kind. But it always gets thrown back in my face, My parents make me feel guilty for not doing enough for them, even though I’m with them nearly 24/7 and do everything for them, and friends constantly take advantage of my good nature.

I’m constantly plagued by friends and family who need me to look after their children, lend them money and drive them around.they feel that if they nags long and hard enough, then I’ll eventually give in.their  probably right. I’m sure I will. But the minute I need a favor doing, I don’t see anyone for dust. I don’t like to sound like a sad loser but I hate my life,Every morning I wake up and vow that today will be different.I’ll stand up for myself and tell various people to get stuffed, but it never happens and then I hate myself even more.

That’s just the way my life goes, people pick at me until I unravel because I’m so desperate to be liked and to please them.

10 things you never do whilst growing up in an Irish Household….

Published April 3, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

1. Boil the kettle with no water in it…We have all been lead to believe that this will cause the kettle to explode. Nobody has ever tried it so whether or not this is true remains to be seen but the fear alone of doing this is enough to always pick up the kettle and give it a shake before you boil it.

2. Never let the fire go out…. It is seen as a sign of laziness. “You couldn’t even keep the fire going”. It is almost seen as an act of pure selfishness. This might seem a little dramatic but it is true. You will never be able to own your own house or live alone if you can’t simply “throw a few briquettes on the fire”

3. Make tea for yourself without offering the rest of the family tea. It may not be commented on and you may think you have gotten away with it but it is noted in your families mental notes. Irish people hold grudges that can last a lifetime. You will slowly but surely notice you are being excluded from the tea round. Unless it is your mother. Irish mothers always offer tea to their offspring (especially a son), no matter how many times they have been excluded. Ahhhhh bless!

4. Throw your dinner in the bin… Whether it be a lot or a little. Growing up on a farm there is always a hungry animal out the back that will eat your leftovers. Whether it has fallen on the ground or didn’t taste right. It is just something you don’t do!

5. Let the heat get out…. You walk into a room and don’t close the door behind you in the middle of winter. This kind of act can be punished with anything from a mouthful of abuse to a slap on the side of the head, depending on how close you are to the offended party.

6. Leave the curtains pulled later than 9 o clock in the day. “They’ll think we’re sleeping all day”. I was never quite sure who “they” were but to leave the curtains pulled late into the morning is a definite on this list. It is seen as another act of laziness (see point 1)

7. Leave the immersion on. Holy Jaysus, this one is just blatant disregard! Again, your parents see this as an act of pure laziness. Your parents will start to question you on where you think money comes from and informing you that money is not something that grows on trees.

8. Eat a sandwich without a bag of crisps. Whether you’re a King or a Tayto kind of person. You could eat the most fulfilling sandwich ever created but it just doesn’t hit the spot quite like it would if you had a packet of cheese and onion to go along with it!

9. Never question what your father is doing out in the garden. He may be digging holes in a symmetrical fashion that are exactly three foot apart but never ask why. You won’t get an answer. The reason being, there is no answer! “Leave him off, sure he’s happy” is the answer my mother would regularly give us!

10. Change the channel when your mother is watching Coronation Street. I have friends who are still suffering from the abuse they were subjected to when they unknowingly changed the channel in the middle of Coronation Street.