My little DIY :)

Published April 9, 2012 by not so secret life of sarah

I’m on the wrong side of 25, live in the Ireland and like to craft. I like to crochet, cook, sew, print, paint, play with make-up, digitally manipulate… you name it. I’m a Jack of all trades but master of none.I had my first “craft business” when I was about eleven years old…selling tragic animal fimo jewellery  :)…  Ive always wanted to be creative and tried my hand at so many things, knitting, sewing and the like and so have an appreciation of all things handmade. Oh my hair and make up the best part of DIY my hair changes with my mood, and that can swing from hysterically happy to apathetic and pissed off in seconds. This meaning my hair gets dyed a hell of a lot. I’ll be fooked if my hair falls out – It’s my comfort blanket, my hiding place and I lurve it, even if it is an untameable rainbow bush.Make up i love everything about it from doing simple looks to the extremeness of zombie looks 😀  I love zombies…. nom nom nom

Will post up some of the little things ive made. they are not great by any means but they keep me happy 🙂


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