What happened to me?!

Published October 1, 2012 by not so secret life of sarah

Honestly when did i get so boring, all i want to do on the weekend is sit at home watching films and reading books, ive seen so many films now that i cant even remember the names or what half of them are about.And as for books ive so many i could start a true crime library.

Back in the day when i was in my teens there was NO way in hell u could keep me at home on the weekends, to this day i still cant figure out how i didn’t get liver failure… my sister is a good 7 years older than me and she still loves to get dolled up and head out for a night piss up, im only 25 and i feel embarrassed going out, frumpy and self conscious. God i wish i was still 18 and not give a flying fork who thinks what.

Oh and to add to my discomfort,its my birthday in two weeks – barf-day is what im renaming it. It will be expected of me to go out for the night for a few drinks. I don’t want to go…. But i do want to go! Ooh lordy, im scared.

My main worries of the night will be;

1. I will look like a sausage (in the new dress which i bought which took me a good two weeks to decide on)

2.. I will break my neck  (in the new shoes i bought which took me a further 5 seconds to buy), (its been a VERY long time since i wore HIGH heels)

3. My B.F.F Colleen wont be there to clam me down after i have drank too much and relies im in my late 20s 😦 damn you Portugal for taking her away from me!!!

4. My sister wont be around to send me a silly text about being drunk on my barf-day 😦  double damn you Thailand!!!

5. They will embarrass me with some sort of gift giving, acts of kindness or WORSE a birthday song ooh the shame i can nearly feel the redness creep up my face already.

6. THEY WILL MAKE ME DANCE… I don’t do dancing, no im not doing it they cant make me!

Let the panic attacks begin. .                                                                                                                                         (pic from after the birthday bash , oh lordy Jesus )227713_10151589141350828_314925835_n


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