Im not sure whats wrong… But is probably your fault.

Published October 9, 2012 by not so secret life of sarah

Ive come to the conclusion that i must be a very cold-hearted  person.I now have to clear all my texts and letters with John,he says some things i write are very sarcastic…Honestly??!! i don’t mean half the things i wright well not in a hurtful way anyways.

One of my friends text recently to say she was getting married soon,i had to change my 3 page text to her over john , i didn’t say anything bad like, i was just making sure this is what she wanted to do,But i guess its just the way i put it -honesty is my policy (but insanity is my defense) with my friends and lucky enough they take me the way i am.

If they ask me dose my arse look big in this , i am going to tell them the truth- and that my social bloggers is  how to have less friends 🙂                                                         seriously though is there any point in telling your friends little white lies. i know for a fact that my friends will see them photos and go … OH MY GOD .. why did you let me out in that?!

People have often said that i have sarcastic but quirky personalty, what the feck dose that mean? that im weird and i  involves humor of a negative and somewhat hurtful kind. What the fork!

Not many people understand sarcastic people, because we are too smart to be understood. Oh, com’n be honest! John you should know by now how to handle  my talking skills  🙂 .


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