creepy clown

Published October 24, 2012 by not so secret life of sarah

creepy clown

As ye might know i LOVE Halloween i love everything that goes with it 🙂 i just copied from a photo of an evil clown from Stereophonics video for “Mr Writer” , used some makeup liquid latex and bog roll and this is what happened …

Have a happy Halloween !
– Sarah

How to do the creep clown 🙂 —->

  1. First of all , clean ur face make sure you have no oil on that pretty little face of yours 🙂 (other wise the white face make up will run if ur somewhere hot like the pub or night club). put on the white face paint over everything!

  2. out line with a black eyeliner or a dark red lip liner the shape u want above and under your eye, and around your mouth (make sure its wide enough so it looks rotten like u just got it ripped off by a fish hook or something alone those lines)
  3. On the lines you have just drawn on , u get a sponge and dab on some liquid latex and and then some loo roll and repeat this about 5 times make sure not to get it on your eyelid and just above your brow (you need to wait a few minutes between each liquid latex and loo roll step for it to dry a little other wise you’ll end up looking like brain from teenage mutant ninja turtles).
  4. When you have done this around the mouth when its dry after about 5 goes of it get a eyebrow pluckers and pick a little hole nearest to your mouth then with a tooth pick drag it along where u want your fake mouth to be. draw on some teeth in side this gap with a black eyeliner and white eyeliner to fill in the teeth.
  5. On the eye start covering the loo roll wit different shades of red and black lippy and bruise colored eye-shadows like black brown purple yellow and dark pinks on your eyelid make sure its a very dark color to give it depth. Do the very same on your fake mouth make sure not to get it on ur fake drawn on teeth.
  6. add some black shadows to the other eye and some drawn on veins , even if u want make that eye a pretty clowns eye its makes it crazier 😀 , do your lips nice and SMILIE , normal or sad whatever,(i went with sad-ish i was going around de house saying im a sad sad sad clown 😦 my folks thought i was demented :)…)
  7. For the fun part destroy your loo roll with fake blood all bits and if u can get ur paws on some rimmel sun shimmer fake tan dark, dab some of that on too it looks like u have been infected on ur sores make sure not to get it on the white though 🙂
  8. Have a happy Halloween everybody eat lots of sweets drink lots of blood-shots and make sure to keeps ur pets in 🙂 xxx

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