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suffer from very low self-esteem.

Published May 28, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

I’M one of life’s victims.I try to be nice to people and I try to be helpful and kind. But it always gets thrown back in my face, My parents make me feel guilty for not doing enough for them, even though I’m with them nearly 24/7 and do everything for them, and friends constantly take advantage of my good nature.

I’m constantly plagued by friends and family who need me to look after their children, lend them money and drive them around.they feel that if they nags long and hard enough, then I’ll eventually give in.their  probably right. I’m sure I will. But the minute I need a favor doing, I don’t see anyone for dust. I don’t like to sound like a sad loser but I hate my life,Every morning I wake up and vow that today will be different.I’ll stand up for myself and tell various people to get stuffed, but it never happens and then I hate myself even more.

That’s just the way my life goes, people pick at me until I unravel because I’m so desperate to be liked and to please them.