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oh lordy Jesus , i need help I’m obsessed with weddings. Please don’t tell my boyfriend.

Published June 29, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

I probably shouldn’t say but ive a bit of a obsession with wedding stuff ,  i honestly cant help my self looking at everything from the dress to the crappy favors, and themes oh jesus the themes  oooh vintage, rockabilly,country fair,farmyard barn,1950’s,1920’s,Bohemian,glam, the list could honestly go on ..

I don’t know if you’d describe me as a girly girl barbies and dolls were never my thing and its only in recent years that ive found the colour pink,Even as an adult, I don’t really care for lipstick or tan, I have  been described as a “true tomboy” (alternatively: angry feminist, lesbian, douche).( and that’s mostly by my mother)  In short, I am not the type of girl you would expect to be obsessing about weddings….Except I am! My wedding obsession isn’t something I fully understand about myself. the thing is: I know I sound crazy. This level of obsession would probably place me on an Ask Men list of 5 Girls To Avoid, a title I probably deserve ,I sit at the computer and scroll through page after page of dresses and rings and flower arrangements. Ive even signed up for the Vera Wang Wedding newsletter.(oh the shame) Things only became worse when I stumbled on all about weddings and honeymoons and discovered the crafty D.I.Y wedding plans.. Ive so many folders on my hard-drive on my computer with pictures saved of weddings im actually running out of names and my computer is going in to overdrive.

Its the flipping romantic gestures , they are my downfall… 

OK..OK don’t get me wrong tho i know the wedding is only one big day and that a marriage is at the end of it, but im as happy as a pig in shit, Ive found him , he stole my heart and im gonna steel his last name..

So maybe its ok then, yano my obsession , maybe its not that bad…. or is it???






the crazy kate cat

Published June 29, 2013 by not so secret life of sarah

so one of my friends Kate recently put this cat picture up on Facebook, i cant stop looking at it and to make it worse if u listen to the song blackout by wrench 32 , ur mind is like ”ur forking with me rite?”  





now honestly listen to de song linked below and watch this cat picture…..