Setting this blog up was flipping hard , what to put in here is even harder im not really a girly girl persay , i LOVE  pretty things, quote’s, weddings , stuff for the home , animals,   family, and some do say i have an  Obsessive Johnnyness Disorder, John is my boyfriend hitting on the BIG 6year mark, your gonna hear alot about him :) … So what to say about me … hmmm… im just gonna state some random facts so u get the idea ,  In west ballyneety born and raised…in a farmyard where i spent most of my days, If you dont like something, i probably do,
I would NOT risk it for a chocolate biscuit.
I really do have the mind of a guy :)
Wish i could play guitar but havnt got the attention span for it lol
If you love hello kitty, you are my friend
I still pass as a 15 yr old and get child tickets on bus train etc,
Im scared of the dark. also convinced my room is haunted,
i read quite a lot :) Can be spotted lurking round having drunken in depth conversations about hair with randomers, mostly in limerick. Hurroo!


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